Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 22 ~ Franklin, WI to Milwaukee, WI (Brown Deer Park)

The last stretch

(Only some of the many supporters at the finish line)

(Brent and Regan)

Thank you to all the people who helped make this ride happen: Andrea, without you standing next to me I would fail. You are my rock! Dan Wyatt, you kept me laughing through it all. Mike Witt, you saved me in Missouri and got me to the end. Kevin Tesch, It was great to have you along for the ride, you are a funny guy. I'm happy to have had this opportunity to get to know my brother-in-laws. To the Street, Witt and Tesch families, I especially thank you for all your support. Regan, you are a special litte girl. I wish you lived closer to your Uncle Brent.
Matt and Black Mountain Bikes, I will never be able to thank you or repay you for your help and support.
Kathy Kruger, you have become a true friend.
I could go on forever naming people since so many supported this cause, thank you to all of you.

2300 miles of fun, pain and joy! What a trip!

Miles ridden today: 31

TOTAL TO DATE: 2300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Unbelievable and great accomplishment! Following the trip made it that much more than just hearing about it after the ride. Great job Brent and support team for a great cause!

    Allen Hogan

  2. what a man. I am proud to know you. xxx