Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 22 ~ Franklin, WI to Milwaukee, WI (Brown Deer Park)

The last stretch

(Only some of the many supporters at the finish line)

(Brent and Regan)

Thank you to all the people who helped make this ride happen: Andrea, without you standing next to me I would fail. You are my rock! Dan Wyatt, you kept me laughing through it all. Mike Witt, you saved me in Missouri and got me to the end. Kevin Tesch, It was great to have you along for the ride, you are a funny guy. I'm happy to have had this opportunity to get to know my brother-in-laws. To the Street, Witt and Tesch families, I especially thank you for all your support. Regan, you are a special litte girl. I wish you lived closer to your Uncle Brent.
Matt and Black Mountain Bikes, I will never be able to thank you or repay you for your help and support.
Kathy Kruger, you have become a true friend.
I could go on forever naming people since so many supported this cause, thank you to all of you.

2300 miles of fun, pain and joy! What a trip!

Miles ridden today: 31

TOTAL TO DATE: 2300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 21 ~ Yorkville, IL to Franklin, WI

With gusts up to 35 mph, today was a rough ride.
Knowing that Brent was in his final state, there was nothing that would discourage him from finishing.
Photo above is Brent with his finishing support crew:
brother-in-laws Kevin on left and Mike on the right.
A special thank you to both for all the support and laughs they had provided.
Thank you also for taking the time away from your families and thank you to your families for allowing you to be away.

Happy to be almost there.
Miles ridden today: 101
Total to date: 2269

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 20 ~ Decatur, IL to Yorkville, IL

This morning started out with more torrential downpours, but Brent soldiered on. He rode 30 miles in the pouring rain, he is determined to get to Milwaukee!
He said he felt pretty good all day. Even after he got all the looks from the construction workers in the cafe this morning checking him out in his head to toe spandex and flip flops. High point of the day: a guy walking by asked Brent for a cigarette... really!?!?!
Low point: eating a pizza while on the bike, and getting encouragement from his crew to do so.
Wise words from the crew chiefs: We would truly like to thank IL for all the wonderful sight seeing opportunities while traveling from Decatur to Morris... All we have to say is get a combine

and one last bit from Brent - I have never seen such huge tractors!
Miles Ridden today: 143
Total to Date: 2168

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 19 ~ Dorsey, IL to Decatur, IL

Today's ride was delayed by 2 hours due to rain. The rest of the ride was completed with clouds following that looked like more was soon to come. At least the weather was cooler than expected but he managed to get lost 3 times today. He's blaming his GPS for malfunctioning but he must have thought Andrea was talking and tuned it out. Brent rode through some interesting places today, or shall I say a mix of interesting cultures. Amazing how different it is from town to town, especially when they are not that far apart.

He ended the day in Decatur, IL and you can also see the family truckster support vehicle in the background. Now comes the exciting flat terrain of Illinois. Since it is pretty boring to drive through hopefully he will find some excitement in his day! (hopefully not more dead animals)

Three more days to go! I hope you will all come and support Brent at the finish line this Saturday at Brown Deer Park Boathouse - 3pm!

Miles ridden today: 111
Total to date: 2025 (woo hoo, broke the 2,000 mark!!!)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 18 ~ Rest Day

Today started off by meeting Dr. Marsh in St. Louis. Brent said Dr. Marsh and his staff (especially Kristen) were great!
Pictured above from left to right are: Brent, Dr. Marsh, Regan, Carissa (Regan's mom) and Kevin (Regan's Dad).

The boys, Brent, Mike and Kevin spent the day touring a bit. With time spent at the arches. They also were able to play the 1st Annual BWS putt-putt tournament. They had a great day and Brent was actually in bed by 8:30pm for his next ride day tomorrow. Only 4 more days of riding left.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 17 ~ Washington, MO to Dorsey, IL

Today was a short day mile-wise. Was only supposed to be about 75 miles to Alton, IL but Brent decided to ride a bit further to break up the miles on Wednesday. He rode to Dorsey today with a bit of a drizzle on and off which kept the heat down. Also, Brent wanted me to mention all the dead frogs along the road. Weird sites I tell ya!
Brent's major excitement today was that for the first time this whole trip he got ran off the road by a garbage truck, straight into the ditch. He's OK and his bike was OK too!
Spending the evening again with family at the hotel. Tomorrow is the big day. It's a rest day so in the morning they are all going to meet Dr. Marsh. After that, the girls will head back home and the boys will continue on bike route.

My mom says Brent looks so great! Not even exhausted. All I know is that the kids and I can't wait to finally see him and hug him!

Miles ridden today: 88
Total to date: 1914

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 16 ~ Eldon, MO to Washington, MO

Not even these barricades will stop Brent at this point. Brent just took the path anyway and ended up being fine except for one crane in his path. It was almost like having his own road.

Today Brent faced STRONG head winds and rolling hills all day.
He thinks he might be Missouri's #1 bike rider with all the fingers he got today. ;-) (Is it normal in Missouri to hold up the middle finger if your telling someone they are #1?, Brent sure hopes so).

Just a picture of one of the landmarks they passed today.

Today Brent was greeted by more family, including little Regan. At this point, I think it's just such a relief just to be with more familiar faces.

Miles ridden today: 106
Total to date: 1826

Impressed by what Brent is doing? Please help the foundation today!